The ZenFounder podcast is a combination of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, conversations with experts, and honest reflections on entrepreneur life, focused on helping entrepreneurs practice better mental health. Forbes called it one of the 12 ...more

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May 13, 2022 00:28:06
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Episode 310: Changing the Model, with Marika Reese

In this episode Sherry interviews Marika Reese who formed the “Community Healing Team” in Minnesota. The healing team is comprised of members of the...



May 06, 2022 00:36:41
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Episode 309: The Mental Health Benefits of Performance Optimization, with Andrew Herr

In this episode Sherry interviews Andrew Herr, CEO of Fount, a company whose mission is designing a suite of health and performance solutions to...



April 29, 2022 00:25:45
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Episode 308: Everything Your Ever Wanted to Know about Conflict with Brooke Bergman Parr

One thing that can really undermine someone’s mental well-being, focus, and productivity is conflict. Conflict on the team or conflict at home has the...



April 22, 2022 00:36:27
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Episode 307: Running Remote with Liam Martin

The way we work is changing. One of the biggest changes is the move away from the traditional workplace and towards a more remote...



April 08, 2022 00:32:54
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Episode 306: Breathwork and Mental Health with Robbie Bent

Breath is the most effective strategy to calm down an anxious mind and body. Sherry interviews Robbie Bent, CEO and Founder of Othership about...



April 01, 2022 00:29:24
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Episode 305: Bad Advice about Imposter Syndrome with Rob Walling

One common topic you hear talked about often in the entrepreneurship world is the idea of Imposter Syndrome. There is a lot of advice...

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