Episode 224: Building Greater Capacity with Robert Glazer

December 06, 2019
Episode 224: Building Greater Capacity with Robert Glazer
Episode 224: Building Greater Capacity with Robert Glazer

Dec 06 2019 |


Show Notes

We don’t know what challenges and gifts life has in store, but we know that the ups and downs will come.

How do you enhance your ability to manage, embrace, battle, and cope with the tough stuff?

AND be someone who is constantly learning, growing and pressing in to an extraordinary and joyful life?

I’ve been thinking about these questions a lot.

And I like the term “capacity building” to describe the process of expanding both to cope with challenge and to build greater joy.

Robert Glazer has been thinking about capacity building for years. He’s a CEO and best-selling author. He also writes a weekly newsletter called Friday Forward which is one of the only newsletters that I actually read.

We had a great conversation about anxiety, parenting and his relentless commitment to expanding human capacity. We discuss his book, Elevate and the simple practices that are core to living a grounded yet optimized life.


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