Episode 374: How to Navigate Holiday Grief

Episode 374 December 08, 2023 00:13:14
Episode 374: How to Navigate Holiday Grief
Episode 374: How to Navigate Holiday Grief

Dec 08 2023 | 00:13:14


Show Notes

In her latest episode, Dr. Sherry Walling delves into the emotional blend of joy and grief that the holidays often bring. She discusses the varying experiences of grief from year to year and the importance of recognizing that there is no universal way to handle it.

Dr. Walling also explores the idea of 'aliveness' within grief - the pursuit of joy, laughter, and connection amidst sorrow. This episode is a profound conversation about embracing the complexities of our emotions during this season.

If you or someone you know is facing grief this holiday season, Dr. Walling invites you to join this intimate discussion. She also encourages you to explore her book, 'Touching Two Worlds,' for deeper insights into her personal journey with grief and loss. A resource she hopes will bring comfort and understanding to your own path. Available now: https://a.co/d/8iRP1Up
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