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December 01, 2023 00:15:12
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Episode 373: Staying Focused: How Your Gaze Shapes Your Goals

In this insightful episode, Sherry delves into the profound lesson of how your focus determines your future, especially in the challenging world of entrepreneurship....



November 24, 2023 00:20:32
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Episode 372: The Neurodivergent Founder

Sherry discusses the impact of neurodivergence on the entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing that these distinctive traits can serve as both assets and obstacles in our...



November 17, 2023 00:21:49
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Episode 371: How to Respond When Overwhelmed by the Magnitude of World Crisis

In a world seemingly inundated with the shadows of depression, worry, and loneliness, it's easy to feel like we're caught in a whirlwind of...



November 10, 2023 00:11:31
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Episode 370: Why You Should Be Afraid of Therapy

Sherry explores the reasons why one might hesitate to embrace therapy. Many individuals harbor reservations or anxieties about delving into substantial personal development efforts....



November 03, 2023 00:12:59
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Episode 369: Subtly Sexist Things That Happen at Business Events

Discover the nuances of subtle sexism prevalent in various business settings like events, conferences, and dinners, often unintentional yet impactful. Gain awareness of these...



October 27, 2023 00:10:34
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Episode 368: How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Fear

Fear serves a valuable purpose by safeguarding us from potential threats and danger. It's essential not to eliminate fear entirely, as it plays a...